If you've moved house then 1) Congratulations - we hope the move went well and you're now all settled in! 2) It's super important to let Computershare know, as they're the legal registrar of your shares. If you have an Investor Centre account, you can log in there to update your details. If you're having trouble logging in to your Computershare account you can contact them directly just HERE.

You will also need to update your new address details on your BrewDog.com account, which you can do by logging in just HERE and then updating your Default Billing Address in case you want to order from our online shop. You can also update your Default Shipping Address, which will ensure any future EFP benefits that you're due go to the right place!

Please note, that if you only update your details on your BrewDog.com account, it won't automatically filter through to Computershare.