Our Equity Punks are the heart of our business and we like to offer up as many perks as possible to our community!

- Benefits available to ALL Equity Punks:

  • Own a part of BrewDog
  • Life time discount in our bars (1-19 shares = 5%, 20+ shares = 10%)  and in our online shop (1-19 shares = 10%, 20+ shares = 20%)*
  • A free birthday beer in one of our bars, which can be claimed 3 days either side of your birthday
  • AGM invite for you and a friend 
  • As well as other boosted benefits, depending on when you purchased your shares!

*There are no increases to EFP discount levels for BrewDog & Friends subscribers currently, despite the online shop discount change taking place from 31/05/2022 7pm.

If you want more information about outstanding boosted benefits from EFP Tomorrow, please check our FAQ related page HERE. For previous raises, you can check the info in our EFP Forum HERE*. You can also see your benefit entitlement in our prospectus archive HERE.

*Make sure you are logged in your EFP account on Brewdog.com before using the above link.