1. Buy One Get One Tree is a sustainability-driven on-pack campaign that gives consumers the chance to ‘plant a tree’ via a 3rd party partner, Eden Reforestation Project

  2. In order to plant their tree, consumers must visit, select the pack size they purchase, and enter a unique code into the landing page to register the tree planting

  3. There is a QR code on the underneath of the packs which will direct consumers to the dedicated landing page

  4. Consumers must be signed in to ‘plant the tree’ via our landing page, as only users with an account can complete this action

  5. The following SKUs are participating in this campaign:
    1. 4 x 330ml cans: Punk IPA, Hazy Jane and Elvis Juice
    2. 4 x 440ml cans: Lost
    3. 10 x 440ml cans: Lost
    4. 12 x 330ml cans: Punk IPA and Hazy Jane

  6. One pack represents one redemption code which can only be used a single time

  7. Participating packs are available in Tesco, ASDA, Morrison’s, Sainsburys and through our Ecommerce store as of March 2021

  8. Where can I find my redemption code:
    1. 4-pack: You can find your unique Buy One Get One Tree redemption code on the inside of your box.
    2. 10-pack: For February: enter the first 6 digits of the code underneath your can; March onwards: You can find your unique Buy One Get One Tree redemption code on the inside of your box.
    3. 12-pack: If you have purchased a 12-pack you can find the code on the bottom of each can. One can code can only be redeemed once

  9. Once you have entered the unique code into the landing page, you will receive confirmation that your attempt was successful

  10. This campaign will run on pack throughout 2021

  11. BrewDog are partnering with the Eden Reforestation Project who will support this initiative:
    1. BrewDog are working with the Eden Reforestation project ( and we will plant one tree for every code redeemed at
    2. We have a dedicated area in one of their forests, which span from Haiti to Kenya, Madagascar to Nepal
    3. This is not associated with the BrewDog Lost Forest in Scotland