Boris Lie-PA was available for pre-order only until 10.00 BST 01.09.2022:

  • If your order was placed from 12:30 BST 07.07.2022 to 11:00 BST 09.07.2022, you ordered Batch 1. Your beers were dispatched from 1st August 2022.
  • If you placed your order from 11:00 BST 09.07.2022 onwards, you ordered the Batch 2, your beers were dispatched from 26th August 2022.

Any order placed after 10.00 BST 01.09.2022 will be dispatched within our standard dispatch dates (within 3-5 days).

PLEASE NOTE: Any additional products in your basket will be subject to standard delivery charges and dispatched within our current SLA.

Get yours following the below links:

- Boris Lie-PA 4x Cans

- Boris Lie-PA 12x Cans

You can find out more HERE.

All pre-orders have now been dispatched. If you haven't received your order please raise a ticket HERE.