BrewDog Plus – Terms and Conditions 


By joining BrewDog Plus you’ll unlock a range of exclusive year-round perks. These perks are only available to people who sign up to BrewDog Plus, ensuring you get more out of shopping at and your visits to your local bar.  

  1. General 
    1. BrewDog Plus is only available to purchase on in the UK
    2. Sign ups must have a valid account 
    3. BrewDog Plus is for individual membership only; joint or shared membership is not possible with this service  
    4. Benefits are only valid in the UK 
      1. All Bars – all UK bars except Headingly and Edinburg Airport ( 
      2. – UK site only to valid addresses only, delivery t&cs apply 
    5. Customers can cancel their subscription up to 24 hours before renewal date via contacting customer service   
    6. Cancelling a subscription will not affect the current year’s subscription and will only take effect from the date of renewal. The current subscription will remain valid for the duration of the year and no refunds will be given 
    7. BrewDog PLC can change these terms and conditions, including the membership benefits offered, at any time. Where a change is needed due to circumstances out of our control, or significant business changes, we endeavour to offer a suitable alternative and notice will be given 
    1. Customer must have a account and be logged in to purchase 

    2. By signing up to BrewDog Plus, Customer will be opted in to planet BrewDog automatically. However Customer can opt out of planet BrewDog at any time without affecting their BrewDog Plus subscription – marketing preferences can be managed here: 

  3. Rewards and redemptions
    1. Rewards cannot be exchanged for any other product or cash  
    2. Rewards cannot be transferred to or shared with another person 
    3. ID could be requested at any time to verify BrewDog Plus member in bar  
    4. Rewards cannot be refunded 
    5. Rewards must be used within the timeframe of the duration of membership and cannot be extended  
    6. £150 voucher
      1. Customer can only redeem up to £50 of the voucher in any single day  
      2. Does not work with other offers or discounts (including Equity Punk discounts) 
      3. If balance of any purchase is more than the voucher value no additional discounts can be applied to any balance over voucher value 
      4. Voucher is only redeemable in participating UK Bars  
      5. Offers for sit-in food, drink and merch only 
    7.   Coffee 
      1. One free coffee per day, sit in only (subject to availability and opening hours).   
      2. If not used Customer forfeits you’re their allowance for that particular day and it does not roll over, and cannot be redeemed any other day. 
      3. Takeaway and delivery not included 
      4. No limits on type of coffee serve (i.e. latte, espresso) or milk type, subject to menu availability 
      5. Teas/Hot chocolates and all other hot drinks are excluded  
      6. This cannot be substituted for any other beverage and applies to coffee only. 
    8. Free shipping  
      1. Free delivery is on orders of £20 or more and is UK only excluding specific post codes 
      2. If you move to a post code that’s not available, then your free delivery perk will only be able to be used on delivery to post codes that are available and you can still use this benefit for other purposes, i.e gifting 
      3. Shipping charges 
        1. BrewDog Plus members 
          1. UK post codes (Mainland and Highlands) 
            1. £20 less than 3kg – FREE 
            2. £20 more than 3kg – FREE 
          2. IOM/IOS/NI post codes (Isle of Man: IM1 – IM9 and IM86/87/99. Isle of Scilly: TR21 – TR25. Northern Ireland: All BT- postcodes) 

            1. £20 less than 3kg – £1 charge 
            2. £20 more than 3kg – £1 charge 
          3. Channel Island post codes (Guernsey: GY1 – GY10. Jersey: JE1 – JE5) 

            1. £20 less than 3kg – £9 charge 
            2. £20 more than 3kg – £9 charge 
        2. Equity Punk and Planet BrewDog Members delivery charges, outside of BrewDog Plus membership, are detailed below for reference 
        3. General customer delivery charges, outside of BrewDog Plus membership, are detailed below for reference 
        4. Postcode inclusion list can change at any time 
  4. Staff AND Equity Punk Founders Flight
    1. Equity Punks and Staff perk only 
    2. All participating UK bars (excl Headingly and Edi Airport) 
    3. 1 x flight (4 x 1/3 pint) 
    4. BrewDog draft beers only 
    5. No guest, Hawkes, Nano Dog 
    6. No limit to ABV 
    7. Redeemable once per year, during the valid subscription period 
    8. Available immediately on the QR code once signed up 
  5. Auto-renewal
    1. Customers default billing details within will be used for renewal payments. It’s the customers responsibility to ensure default billing details stay up to date for renewal.  
    2. This is an annual subscription that will auto-renew on every anniversary of the purchase date   
  6. Cancellation
    1. Customers are allowed a 14 day cooling off period for a full refund provided no benefits have been used or taken 

    2. If benefits have been used or taken within the 14 day period no refund will be given 

    3. Cooling off period ends on day 15 after purchase 

    4. How to cancel 

      1. Cancellation:  please raise a ticket for our customer service team HERE