What has changed with the Planet BrewDog loyalty club?  

Planet BrewDog rewards and badges have been simplified, following feedback from our members that the old programme was complicated to understand.  

Before members would have to complete specific tasks to receive badges and rewards. With the new programme, there are just two main rewards – the Fridge Filler free 4-pack, and the £5 bonus voucher. 

Can I still access my old badges and rewards? 

Your old rewards will still be redeemable, up until the code expires, which is 6 months after you unlocked it. If you had rewards to redeem, you will have been sent a reminder via email of what these were. You will no longer be able to access your badges and rewards on your BrewDog.com account. 

To view terms and conditions of the old Planet BrewDog pages click here.  

What are the new rewards?  

There are two rewards in Planet BrewDog now.  

Fridge Filler free 4-pack. Unlocked when you place your first order on BrewDog.com, giving you a free 4-pack of selected beer off your next order of £30 or more.  

£5 bonus voucher. Sent to customers after every 3rd purchase on BrewDog.com, redeemable on their next order of £30 or more.  

To view terms and conditions of the new Planet BrewDog pages click here. 

How can I view my rewards? Do I need to receive your marketing emails?  

Your voucher codes will be sent to you within 24 hours of qualifying transactions on BrewDog.com. You do not need to be opted in to BrewDog marketing emails to receive them.  

Will I still benefit from member offers?  

Yes, Planet BrewDog members will still be able to shop member offers. 

How can I join Planet BrewDog? 

You can join Planet BrewDog via this pagemaking sure you tick the consent box when you create your account or log-in. 

How can I opt-out of Planet BrewDog?  

You can opt-out of Planet BrewDog at any time by unselecting ‘Planet BrewDog communications here. If you would like your data to be deleted, please raise a ticket with our Customer Service Crew.