There's a few ways you can access your shareholder information to utilise your discount in our bars:

  1. BrewDog Now
    • Log in with your shareholder account to get your discount via BrewDog Now order to table app
  2. BrewDog App
    • If you have the app downloaded you can still use this as your discount card 
    • Note this is in the process of “end of life” so no further downloads will be available from apple /google play
  3. Plastic Cards
    • If you have a plastic id card issued from Equity Punks 1 to 6 then you can still use this.
  4. Proof of shareholding
    • Show your my account holding and discount on 
  5. Wallet (retired)
    • The wallet will work until 25-Jun and then the programme will “end of life”
    • If you have the QR code in your wallet it will no longer scan or be used at bar